Alexandra Reo

Leggy blonde with a strut that makes grown men feel underage



Alexandra Reo is a fairly well accomplished “professional.” She started as a model doing small time photo shoots and the like. Of course she never got any real breaks, that is, until she did what many people in the “industry” said she needed to do. Once she made the leap, she got her break. Reo was featured on a Network News 54 commercial and made it big for a time. Then it all crashed down. Then she was made an offer she couldn’t refuse; $10,000 to be an arm trophy for some big exec. One thing leads to another and she doubled her money in one night. Alex has not looked back since.

Ms. Reo knows many men of status; however, she is a professional and keeps her client list very secret. Because of this, Alexandra’s service are highly recommended and in demand.

Alexandra Reo

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