Bill "Slick Willie" St. James

A smooth operating information broker and deal maker



They call him “Slick Willie,” his real name is Bill St. James. He grew up on the streets in East Ward just outside the loop. Attending public school was probably the best thing he ever did as a kid. Willie never made it to graduation; after all he didn’t want to be acting too much like the “man.” He made his first real deal at the age of 17, by hooking up a buyer with a guy who needed to sell some hot hardware. The deal went down so well they began to call him slick. As he kept making good fixes, his rep grew and he became a goto guy for just about anything.

Slick deals mostly in hard goods and deal making, he draws the line at selling drugs. It’s some sort of moral code he has. The word on the street and the net is if you got merchandise and want it moved then see Slick Willie.

Bill "Slick Willie" St. James

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