2010 thru 2030s

Worldwide shift towards more liberal social values

Throughout this time, there is a worldwide shift towards more liberal social values. This is reflected in court decisions that favour the expansion of human rights.

The inauguration of President Barack Obama, just prior to this decade, further enforces this trend. Ethnic minorities are playing an ever more important role in society as the world continues to become globalised and interconnected. Women are becoming more empowered than ever before, with improved salaries and employment prospects, better maternity rights, better education, and abortions becoming more acceptable. Gays and other minorities continue to gain recognition and rights.

Stem-cell research (amongst other areas of science) is being given a much higher priority now, and technology in general is beginning to undermine certain aspects of religion. The explosive growth of the Internet, for example, has provided quick and easy access to an unparalleled amount of information – this is succeeding in educating many, and encouraging more open and honest debate about beliefs and traditions. It is also presenting science in clearer and more engaging ways than ordinary text books ever could, and is spreading information faster and more reliably than any other media. In fact by 2011, the Internet has a larger global reach than even television.

The need for companionship and guidance from religious institutions is also declining with the rise of social networking websites, forums, blogging, online gaming, Virtual Reality and other means of connecting with people. By 2010, the percentage of atheists in America has almost doubled compared with 1990, and in European countries, church attendances are hitting rock bottom. Most of this growth in atheism and secular values is occuring amongst the young, which further underscores the long term outlook for this trend.

Although corporations still wield massive influence with regards to business and economic policies, ordinary citizens are being treated more and more equally, and society as a whole is becoming more tolerant and progressive.

2010 thru 2030s

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