Worldwide PC use reaches 2 billion

PC adoption in emerging markets has been growing at a phenomenal pace. There were a billion PCs in use in 2008, and this number doubles by 2015. In other words, it took nearly 30 years to reach the one billion mark, but only seven to grow from 1 billion to 2 billion.

Wireless electricity reaches 100% efficiency

Safety and security issues have been resolved, and costs have come down through innovation and competition. This form of technology is spreading rapidly to the mainstream and is being used in a wide variety of products. In the coming years it will greatly improve certain aspects of society. Streets and public areas will be neater, more attractive places with less visual clutter; ditto for the interior of homes and offices which will take on a far more minimal appearance; rural areas will no longer be scarred with pylons and other bulky eyesores.

Artificial heart implants

Following clinical trials in France, the first complete artificial heart implants are now in use.

New Horizons probe arrives at Pluto

The probe was launched in 2006 and has travelled more than 4 billion kilometres through space. It returns the first close range, high resolution pictures of the icy world – along with its three moons – before passing through the Kuiper Belt. It will leave the solar system entirely in 2029.




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