UK population reaches 70 million

Britain will soon become the most populous country in Europe, overtaking both Germany and France. This is mainly due to vast numbers of immigrants. Combined with a shrinking labour force, this is putting an enormous strain on public services – especially in London, which has born the brunt of this increase.

The East End has been transformed in recent years, becoming almost a whole new city within London, and beginning to rival the West End. Vast areas of land have been redeveloped with hundreds of new residential developments, office towers, retail masterplans, green spaces and public areas – all built to the highest environmental standards.

Manned fighter planes are being phased out and replaced with UAVs

By this date, the A-10 Thunderbolt II has been replaced completely by the F-35 Lightning II – which itself becomes one of the last remaining manned fighter planes in the US military. The F-35 will remain in operation until the 2040s, before being replaced by a new generation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) controlled by advanced AI.




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