Character Construction

Starting Points: 200 The Kid’s Got A Rep


Players may building their characters with begining cybernetics/bionics must spend points to acquire that cyberware. Players intersted in partial or total conversion cyborgs see Machines as Characters for campaigne rule pertaining to these type of PCs.

Initial stats unless enhanced by prosthetics may be no more than 14 in any attribute, unless unusual background advantage is taken.

No more than 80 points may be taken in cybernetics or enhancements unless character takes unusual background advantage.

All of the GURPS basic set skill are available as well as those from Ultra-Tech, Space, BioTech, Martial Arts, and of course GURPS Cyberpunk. Here are a few of the new skills from GURPS CP.

Disadvantages: No more than 80 points may be taken in disadvantages, with no more than one enemy. After all with a GM like this one, who needs more enemies.

Starting Cash: $40,0000; Characters may retain no more than 10% starting wealth after charcter construction.

Campaign Base Tech Level is 9

The base tech level for the campagne is 9. There are exceptions to this. SOTA (State of the Art) equipment is generally Tech Lvl 10.

Equipment and Weapons

Players who construct a character with a plausible background may be entitled to bonus character points. However; this is at GM’s descretion. A minimal character background is mandatory. This must consist of at least the following

  • Place of birth
  • Education if any
  • Friends
  • Likes dislikes affections and general outlook on life

Types of characters

In cyberpunk, as in other genres, characters should never be pigeonholed into narrow “classes” that restrict what they can and cannot do. The following character types describe some of the most common stereotypes from cyberpunk literature. The player is the judge of how closely his character will follow a particular pattern. Some types will be inappropriate or wildly altered in different

The list is by no means exhaustive. Players should feel free to alter these as they see fit, combine two character types (who says you can’t have a combination cop/tinkerer?), or come up with their own, entirely new character conceptions!



Life may be cheap, but death costs money. As long as there are people willing to pay to see an enemy or competitor permanently removed, there will be someone willing to do the removing – for a price.


In the danger-filled world of cyberpunk, the wealthy and powerful are constantly under threat of kidnapping, assault or assassination. Those who wish to survive take steps to ensure they are protected.


There are many different economic levels in most cyberpunk worlds. But no matter what level he operates at, the broker is in it for the money. A successful broker has mastered the art of supply and demand — a good salesman can sell anything!


Celebrities are an ancient phenomenon — lewd verse about favorite gladiators was found scrawled on the walls of Pompeii. Nowadays Rockers, Vid Stars, Sensie Stars, and even Sports figures all fall into this category. There are those who will always try to use popular figures to help sway the masses; sometimes it works.



The role of the police also varies from world to world. In an urban jungle, the cops are often satisfied to keep the criminals isolated in certain sections of town. Actual arrests, at least in this “Zone,” are rare. In a police state, though, a police officer may have absolute power as on-site judge, jury and (if need be) executioner.


The role of corporations will vary from world to world. In some places, they have been taken over by an all-powerful government that controls production, manufacturing and distribution of everything. In this case, any corporate characters will be mid- to upper-level civil service bureaucrats. But in other worlds the corporations are the government:; either they have replaced traditional forms of government with a corporate state, or the government is weak and ineffective enough to be unable to stop the megacorps from doing as they please.


The cyberprep world is the flip side of cyberpunk. What are those outlaws rebelling against? There is a safe and secure world in the c-punk future, though it’s available to few. Just think of the things that today’s yuppies would do if they could augment their bodies and plug their minds into the net. Expensive, decadent fun.


In many cyberpunk worlds, entire segments of the population have been disenfranchised. These homeless outcasts wander from place to place, or erect massive tent cities on public (or abandoned) land, victimized by the cruel and ignored by the majority.


Violent times call for violent men. A mercenary specializes in violence — in exchange for a salary he’ll put his life on the line in a conflict he may know nothing about. Many mercenaries are ex-servicemen, or former cops who found that freelance life, while uncertain, was far more lucrative.



The role of the military varies in different world settings, both in game play and in literature. However, even if national governments have been weakened to the point that standing armies are inconsequential, there will more than likely be other groups structured along military lines. Examples might be worldwide “peacekeeping” forces (perhaps run by the UN), large mercenary groups, corporate defense forces, citizens’ militia, etc.


Crime and criminal gangs are almost universal in cyberpunk worlds. In the thriving underground economy that exists in most worlds, it is inevitable that organized crime would want their own “piece of the action.” PCs who have any “interesting” occupation, be it law enforcement or lawbreaking, will certainly meet the mob.


The netrunner is a specialist in the art of penetrating computer security. In some worlds, there is no such thing as a “cyberspace net” (see Chapter 3 for more information), and this type of character will be referred to by his presently title of computer hacker.


Most cyberpunk worlds feature active public media… sometimes newspapers, but often just TV for the illiterate masses. Whether the public media are aggressive journalists or lackeys of the biggest corporate interest, they’ll be interested in many of the things that the PCs do — in any world, sensation sells.


This is street slang for a medic — or for any healer, licensed or not. Some splicers work only on “meat,” but the good ones can deal with bionics as well.


In a society where information is power, good spies will be in high demand. The spy is a specialist at covertly acquiring information — military secrets, industrial processes, biochemical or genetic formulae, corporate business plans — all salable goods to someone who knows who to sell them to. A spy might also be called upon for sabotage work.

Street Op

This is the slang term for a street operative, and has somewhat derogatory connotations — at least to the general public. Some street ops adopt it as a badge of honor. “Yeah, I’m a street op. So??”



In the high-tech world of the 21st century, competent techs are always in demand. Good technicians can write their own ticket — to a certain extent. Corporations can be very touchy about letting their top scientists resign — the prevailing attitude is “If we can’t have you, no one will.” Other techs are just natural tinkerers — they may run a small repair shop, or keep a regular day job and do repair work on the side. Whatever the case, a technician


The thief is a professional criminal (as opposed to many other c-punk characters, who may commit crimes in the line of duty or for pleasure). Successful thieves will often be heavily cyborged — both mentally and physically — to get every edge they can. Many advantages are common to any type of thief — Alertness, Acute Hearing and Vision, Ambidexterity, Contacts, Double-Jointed, Night Vision and Luck. Enemies, Trademarks, Overconfidence, Poverty, Reputation and Paranoia are typical disadvantages. There are several different types of thief, each with his own specialized skills.

Character Construction

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